Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I don't like people part 2

I would be more understanding if my not wanting to be with people affected others more directly. Like, if we had a really tight knit group of three friends who did everything together amd I decided not to be friends anymore with one of the people, I understand why the third friend would be very upset. My relationship with the friend I was dropping would break up the triangle and hurt the third person. I'm not saying it would be okay for the third person to push us together when we've said no, but I could understand them being upset. I can understand people within a group being upset when it means the group will never be the same. I can even understand if my not wanting to be with someone would just make things difficult, like if I hated your parents or your boyfriend or girlfriend. I can see why that would be difficult.

I'm talking about people pushing people on me when they aren't even involved with each other. When in some cases, they have never even met or never will meet (like my home friends pushing me to be friends with people at college, my ex pushing me to stay with people who weren't his friends). They just do it because people push people on people. No one really accepts anyone choosing not to be friends with someone else anymore or choosing not to go out and try to make new friends because meeting people just doesn't interest everyone. I hate most people and I am not looking to be pushed towards anyone.

This statement is not true at all, I love my grandma, but I think my dating litmus test would be, "I've cut my grandmother out of my life forever because it just wasn't working out between us" and see what the other person says. If they react like, "omg it's your grandma how can you do such thing?!" there will be no second date.

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