Sunday, February 8, 2015

Fuck Snow and Fuck Valentine's Day

Fuck Valentine's Day for falling on the day that was supposed to be my birthday party date.

My birthday is on Feb 17th, so my birthday party date can either be the Saturday before or the Saturday after. And the Saturday before just happened to be Valentine's Day this year, which makes that date automatically off the list because I assume everyone will have other plans. It's not that there's anything wrong with Saturday the 21st for my party. Honestly, if I knew for sure that the party would BE on the 21st, I would choose that day over the 14th because February is my special second Christmas month and I'd rather have the planning fun last longer

The issue is snow. Lots of snow. See, when you live where I live and your birthday is in February, you need snow-alternative dates. A lot of fun events have been getting snowed out lately, so I have to have lots of alternative dates for my birthday party in case there's snow that day. The first alternative date is Sunday the 22nd. But I also have to be prepared for a weekend long blizzard that goes from Saturday into Sunday, so I have another alternative snow day the following Saturday, Feb 28th, and then a third alternative snow date on Sunday, March 1st. I had to write these dates on the event so everyone knows because there's been so much snow lately that it's way too risky to not have alternative dates. I would have to decide the night before of course, since that's when I'll be making my cake.

But THAT is why Valentine's Day has really gotten in my way! See, I would have LIKED to have my original party date be the weekend before my real birthday so that if we do get snowed out, I could still have the party the weekend after my birthday. And if by some odd chance both weekends were snowed out, I'd still have one more weekend left in February. But at the rate we're going now, my party might keep getting pushed and pushed forward into March, which I really don't want. It complicates things because I'm gonna have to start from scratch asking my best friends when they can all come, when I had especially set my date more than a month in advance.

Fuck snow, and fuck Valentine's Day for falling on the day when I was supposed to have my birthday party.

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