Thursday, January 1, 2015


What it’s like to be with someone who does not respect your priorities:

Me: (At home, typing away furiously at something I care about and have waited all day to work on): “I don’t know what to do about my hand problem. It hurts so much but I’m not willing to slow down because of it.”
Him: “You’re gonna have to slow down or else you won’t be able to type anymore at all.”

Me: “I don’t know what to do about work. I’m hurting my hands constantly! There’s the data entry, ripping and tearing invoices, opening UPS boxes for hours, lifting boxes, throwing heavy bags of coupons around for hours, everything I do is making my hands hurt worse! I’ve tried to slow down but I feel like I have to do the best I can or they won’t hire me, but I am NOT willing to injure myself for something I don’t care much about.”
Him: *Shrug*

Me: “I don’t want to do this particular thing again because it’s aggravating my hand problem a lot. We can still do other stuff, it’s just this particular thing I want to stop doing for now.”
Him: “Okay” *Shrug*
Me: (Second time): “Hey, I said I don’t want to do this anymore because it hurts my hands.”
Him: “Okay” *Shrug*
Me: (Third time): “I SAID I can’t do this anymore! It’s making my hands worse!!!”
Him: “Okay, you’re lecturing me, why can’t you stop lecturing me? This is so annoying. Waaaaaah!!!”

My priorities are my own and I will NEVER EVER EVER put up with this kind of thing again.

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