Sunday, January 11, 2015

Party Tip

I told my ex from the start that I never clean up anything ever, and that he wouldn't want to live with me because he's neat. He thought it would work for some reason. I think he secretly thought he'd get me to clean even though I was so clear about never cleaning anything ever.

But there was ONE time that I actually did care about cleaning and he disapproved of it.

I've grown up reading American Girl books and all of their party tips. I love hosting parties when I'm up for it (which isn't now), and I've always loved collecting party tips and writing my own. One of the biggest party tips I figured out on my own at a young age, something that no book or magazine ever told me, is this: Don't leave anything out that you don't want to do at the party. This includes toys and games that you don't want people playing with at the party, and just general stuff you don't want people touching. This is a very good party tip. Leaving out a board game in plain view that you don't want to play at the party is just asking for trouble. So when I told my ex about this party tip of mine, and how I was putting away all the stuff that I didn't want to do at the party (and this was MY party that I happened to be hosting at his place, not "our" party), he completely didn't like what I was doing because it was so controlling and manipulative and inflexible, even though this is the best party tip I've ever come up with. Doing this when I was younger would have avoided almost every party problem that came up. I need to write my own party guide that includes tips like this one and sell it and make more money than American Girl.

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