Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I've decided to start over. I'm gonna go back to the moment when I was 4 years old, BEFORE I got unwillingly thrown into the forced education system, and I'm going to do all the things I liked to do back then. I'm gonna bite people. Seriously bite people. I'm gonna bite, hit, kick, pinch, scratch, scream, cry, and throw Legos at people when they do things I don't like. When people lecture me, I'm gonna make silly faces at them. When I'm stuck at an assembly or meeting, I'm gonna start singing or doing something silly to get attention. I'm going to do all the bad things I want to do and I will NOT listen to anyone about proper behavior or being good. I will do all the bad things I want to do until I find a personal reason not to do them, until I decide that they actually produce a result that is undesirable. I never got to make that choice because adults made it for me, but now I am making that choice for myself. And if I don't find a personal desire to change, I will being biting people and throwing Legos until the day I die. I have no reason to believe that I ever wanted to stop doing these things because it was not a choice I made.

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