Friday, December 12, 2014

More Personality Patterns

This is a quiz that shows why my ex and I weren't compatible. He was a guardian and I'm an artisan, and guardians and artisans DO NOT mix. Well, maybe that's not true. I just always had to pretend to be more of a guardian around his family. They never accepted that I was almost 100% artisan. They wanted a guardian type like them. They wanted a good, hardworking citizen which is not what I am at all. They wanted someone who's down-to-earth and I am the opposite of that. 

This quiz had you rate your answer choices, with 4 points for your first choice, 3 for your second, 2 for your third, and 1 for your last. But I didn't need the rating system to know what I was - I answer "B" as my first answer to every single question except for the first one because I don't like gym class. (On the second question, B is honestly the only one that fits at all, so I had a really hard time coming up with an order for the others, which are all equally untrue for me).

Now that I'm done pretending to be a good citizen around people's families, I'm celebrating being an artisan like this:

Remember when I showed those pictures from the personality patterns book? Well, I wanted to make my own personality patterns. I've always liked visual stuff like pie charts and bar graphs, so that you can tell at a glance what the results are without counting up points. So I decided to express my artisanness with stars. I color-coded each of the quiz results. Blue for guardian, pink for artisan, purple for idealist, and green for realist. Then I drew one star for each point I got. (Note: the quiz scores are inflated because they use 1-4 instead of 0-3, so I changed this to a 0-3 scale instead of 1-4. In this case, for me, that makes more sense because my last choice was usually something I had zero interest in). Out of all the stars, 46% are artisan, 29% are idealist, 17% are realist, and 8% are guardian. (What on earth was I doing dating someone who pushed me to be a guardian?)

Now here comes the even more fun part...

Two of my close friends took this quiz also, so I added their patterns next to mine. (My pattern is in the far left corner; I folded the paper to take the first picture). One of my friends is dominantly idealist and the other is dominantly realist. I really like how the patterns look all together. We each have a different dominant color, but they all seem to fit perfectly together. 

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