Sunday, November 30, 2014

Personality Patterns

This is a page from my Personality Patterns Quiz Book, where instead of just checking off your answer, you get to make a pattern. For this quiz, you colored one square pink, blue, or yellow depending on your answer to each question. I really, really love this quiz book because I like visual things, and it's just so cool that I can look at this quiz instantly and know that I answered mostly blue without having to count up the questions. You fill out the pattern as you go. This does have some downsides, like making it hard to change your answers. The first two blue squares on the left, I had originally colored yellow and I had to go back and color blue over them. But still, I like how you create a picture of your personality or interests with each question. This first quiz is about whether you prefer to have fun with lots of people (pink), with a smaller group of close friends (blue), or by yourself (yellow).

This quiz is about how independent you are. Purple means that you do your own thing, orange means that you go along with what your friends want to do, and green is somewhere in the middle. This came about about right for me, and I like how it makes a nice pattern. This was coincidental because I colored the squares in question-order.

This quiz had to do with finding a talent based on your interests. You colored in one flower for each answer. Purple is writing, yellow is music and red is cooking. I think this was my favorite quiz in terms of the way the results were presented because you get to fill in a picture rather than plain squares, and the picture makes sense with the quiz - you can imagine your interests or talents blossoming like flowers.

These were the only quizzes that involved coloring in a pattern, but I'm thinking now that I should make pictures to go with some of the quizzes I've written, because it's a fun way to look at the results. Or maybe I'll write my new quizzes with pictures instead of letter choices. I'm curious if I would end up wording the questions differently, and if that wording might be better. I'll need to experiment.

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