Thursday, October 30, 2014


I once took a quiz that had this question:

What do you reach for to quench your thirst?
A. Ice cold soda.
B. Gatorade.
C. Diet soda.
D. Water.

Now, my answer to this question is unequivocally water. I drink water all the time and only drink soda once in a while. I've just never been into soda very much. But I had a lot of trouble answering this question. Why? Because of the words "ice cold." These words make soda sound like the most appealing choice, the thing that you really want, which makes me feel like I'd be making a sacrifice or doing what I "should" do by selecting water. I know that this is not true for me. When I feel thirsty, an ice-cold glass of water is very refreshing, and is definitely what I would want. Soda is like candy to me and actually makes me feel more thirsty. But the tone of the quiz really makes me want to pick soda as my answer.

A while back, I posted an American Girl quiz about whether or not you would do inconsiderate things while you were out. These things were:
1. Picking flowers when a sign says not to.
2. Littering.
3. Throwing a rock over the edge of the Grand Canyon, when a sign says not to because it's dangerous for people below.
4. Picking up a bird's nest with eggs in it to put on your dresser as an ornament.
5. Carving your initials into ancient ruins.
6. Playing your radio really loudly at a crowded beach.

I explained that I said "I might do this" to all of them because the quiz made them all sound so tempting, when I know that the only thing I actually might have done when I was younger was playing the radio too loud. But what I wanted to clarify now is that my reason for not doing these things has nothing to do with understanding that the rules are in place to create a positive environment or anything like that. It's not about someone explaining the good reasons for having rules as opposed to saying, "because I said so." I DON'T FOLLOW RULES!!!!! I am NOT a rule follower and I have no respect for authority AT ALL. Any ounce of respect you think I have for authority is just me being too chicken to tell them off. The reason I wouldn't throw a rock off the Grand Canyon is that my mom explained to me that can kill someone if it hits them on the head, and my PERSONAL DESIRE to not kill someone is much stronger than my desire to throw a rock off the edge of a cliff. This quiz made it sound like your only personal desire was to do the bad thing and that not doing it would be sacrificing what you want to do for what you should do and that is just not something that I do.

So yeah, I'm going with "ice cold soda" as my answer because it's clearly the most hedonistic, non-sacrificing, irresponsible choice you can make on that question. The fact that I don't literally like soda much is not relevant.

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