Friday, October 24, 2014


Five years ago this week was the absolute worst time ever, and now I have the bestest friends in the whole world. Yes I learned who I couldn't trust, but I also, more importantly learned who I COULD trust. Last year's party was awesome even though I got a breakup threat a few days before it, but this year there are no breakup threats and no getting kicked out of school threats and no one pushing me to be responsible or self sufficient or anything. Nothing horrible is going to happen this Halloween. I still can't get over that: nothing really really bad is going to happen this Halloween. Wow. I really felt like this holiday was cursed for the longest time. Planning a party by myself/with my friends is so much better than doing it with my ex on his turf. This is my turf and it is awesome, and I just love getting to write my own community guidelines and getting to choose who to welcome into my space and into my life. Happy Halloween everyone! It's gonna be a great one.

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