Saturday, September 27, 2014

Feeling Better

Last night my friend and I went to this really cool restaurant with lots of art on the walls and live music and organic food - it was the kind of place you'd think you have to go to Boston for, but it was right in my friend's hometown. We drew outlines of our dream houses, which was a really special bonding experience. I've had at least part of this dream house in my head my whole life. I'll probably post the picture on here soon and explain what each room is. We also went geocaching for the first time! Well, my first time, her 18th time, although this was her first time going at night. We found this little magnetic key case hidden inside a street sign. It was really cool - I was so excited that we actually found it.

Also, I love my coloring book. I got this really intricate detailed coloring book from American Girl with a "sweets" theme, and it includes pictures of stuff like cookies and cupcakes and candy and ice cream - there's a big poster of a bunch of kids at a party with lots of treats, and another poster of kids in a candy land made of sweets! I feel like I've uncovered a whole new interest, because it's been years since I've done a coloring book. I'm getting really into this one, and I like trying different things. One of the pictures, I'm using to practice blending different colors together. I've only finished one picture so far, but when I've done a few more I might start taking pictures and posting them here, and talking a little bit about what I did.

On another note, when you're writing a book, I always find there's something really special about the 30-page mark. Basically, when you've just started writing a book and you have only a few pages, it seems only natural to reread what you've done already each time you start writing again. It's sort of an automatic thing to do, to remember where you left off. As you write more pages, it takes longer to read what you've written. And somewhere around the 30-page mark is where I stop doing that automatically. Where I feel like it would take too long to reread what I have every single time I start writing again. Not to say that I'll never read over what I have, but rereading has become its own activity, rather than part of the daily writing process. And when I reach that point, it's pretty exciting. It's like, wow, this is becoming a real book. The 30-page mark is the first benchmark that feels that way. After that, every ten page increment feels like a big accomplishment. And it never really changes proportionally either. Like, I don't feel like the gap between 50 and 60 pages is bigger than the gap between 150 and 160, even though it is proportionally bigger. Ten page differences always feel really good.

I'm not quite at the 30-page mark yet in my validation book (although I have a ton of outlining work done), but what I've realized from trying to write a book that references a lot of my blog posts is that I'm at a point where I've written so many blog posts that I literally have to google my blog address with words from the post in order to find it, because unless I remember when I wrote it, it would take way too long to find on my own site. (Luckily I usually remember when I wrote different posts, but there have been some recently that I had to google.) I don't remember exactly when my blog reached that point. I can't really judge with time because the years aren't consistent, but I know there was a long time when I could easily go back and reread all of my blog posts just for fun. It was somewhere in the middle of 2012 when I felt like the blog was too long to do that very often, somewhere in 2013 where it started to feel impossible - not that it would actually be impossible if I wanted to do it, but going back and rereading everything from the start seemed like too much work to actually be fun. (Well, rereading every word would be a lot of work, but it is still fun to go back and glance at what I was writing at different times.) When I wrote The Unencrypted Truth, it was getting a little difficult to go back and find stuff, but it was still doable. I think it was this year, 2014, when I had to start using google for my own blog. And it's kind of the same feeling of realizing how much of a job it will be to go back and reread all the pages you've written. You just can't believe how much you've done.

Oh, and just a disclaimer, because it matters a lot to me: I started my sex blog in 2013, so my actual total blog posts for that year are 116 (91 this blog + 25 sex blog). And this year so far, I've written a total of 119 posts (57 this blog + 62 sex blog). And I've got three months left, so I'm still on track with having this year be higher than the year before. I did not write any less because of having a full-time job or anything like that.  It's going to look like I had a drop this year because I've divided my time between two different blogs, but I actually already have more total posts than last year, with three months to go :-)

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