Friday, September 26, 2014

And Being a Kid Continues!

Being a kid continues to be great. I got a new coloring book today from American Girl that's all sweets and includes a scene from a candyland type of place. I spent pretty much all night coloring and it was awesome!

So I might be updating a little bit less frequently now that I'm working on my validation book, because some of the new ideas I have are going directly into the book. I want the book to have at least some new material that no one has read before. I'll still be updating here, but I might not have as many deep, well-thought-out posts about pressure and invalidation while I'm working on my book.

But yeah, I'm gonna try really, really hard to keep my younger mindset, playing kick the can with my friends and playing with my toys and coloring and rereading my favorite books, and tomorrow my friend and I are going to design our dream houses together! I feel like it's been working mostly well so far, I've had a lot of setbacks, but somehow I always manage to maintain my interest in the younger stuff I want to do. My interest in the activities is strong enough to pull me in, and there isn't anything about the activities that can hurt me.  Sometimes writing the validation book will hurt and I'll have to stop and take breaks. Same goes for novel and this blog and almost any writing I do that I plan to show to people, but living like a kid never fails me. Even when I get people saying bad things to me for my life choices, I don't actually feel bad when I'm doing the activities.

I keep thinking to myself, what would  I have been looking at on the internet if I hadn't gone to college and been told what to care about? And then I do that, and avoid at all costs any good-for-me sites that will make me feel bad. And I've started regulating what's on my facebook newsfeed as well, because I'm not listening to anyone who pushes responsibility on me or tells me not to live my life the way I really want to. I know that if I can really, really stay in the mindset I get into when I do my younger stuff, I'll have lots of fun and be happy and I honestly think I'll be better able to do the more grown-up type stuff that I want to do (not like chores or anything, I mean writing my books. At the rate I'm going now, I might actually finish the validation book by the original date I had set). But anyway, everything is all about fun and I'm not gonna have productive days, I'm gonna have fun days, and everything is going to be play except for when I have to go to work.

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