Friday, August 15, 2014


The concept of "balance" is so strange to me. Strange because people use balance interchangeably with having a personal life and having fun. I feel like every time I've talked about my life being taken over by work or school and just wanting to have fun and do what I want to do, people tell me that I need a balance. Everyone talks about work and life balance. If you want a personal life outside your job, you have to look for a place that encourages "balance." But the thing is, I don't want balance. I have NEVER wanted balance. I have always just wanted to have fun and do what I want and I have never wanted to balance my life by including work or education into it. Never. When people say that work is taking over their life and they need balance, I understand that. But I don't want balance because balance indicates that work or school still has a place in my life, that I am making time for that also. I don't want to. I want my personal life to be my ENTIRE life to the point that I am unable to focus at work. If I am able to focus at work, that is a problem. When I say I want cuddles all the time, I mean ALL THE TIME. I want to be getting C's and D's and partying all weekend, not getting A's and B's and balancing my personal life with studying. I really get tired of people assuming that when I say I want to have fun and cuddles, it means I want balance, when I have never given any indication that I care about anything else. Generally when I really want something, I'm not looking to balance it with anything else.

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