Wednesday, August 6, 2014

new management

Sup yall, this blog's under new management yo, no more little tiptoein ballerina no more takin no bullshit from bitches no more and no more recitin grammar drills from forcefeeders this Amelia talkin now and Amelia dont do no good for no one Amelia says what Amelia wants to say yo. i aint sorry what i did way up in dullsville 5 years ago, i say that to dodge the man but now i dont give a fuck what the man say im gonna take em down. i aint eva gonna be no more good girl, aint eva gonna be no more smart school girl. i aint neva like all that grammar spelling math history academic forcefeed junk and i aint never okay with turnin the other cheek when i want revenege, so i done all a that and i do what i want now. i always wanna be famous and told no, no you dont be celebrity you be good college academic girl, well i aint gonna be that no more, i gonna be famous however it takes. i gonna be a reality tv star trending or im gonna go to la and be a pornstar. it always look fun and i aint gettin enough action now. i aint gonna write no more academic college educated posts here, i aint no educated girl im just lookin to have some fun and do what i want yo. i only gonna post bout bitches i wanna slap now. i aint no good girl no more.

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