Thursday, July 3, 2014

Will Cuddle for Blog Hits

Think of something you love that you might go searching for on the internet - a passion or a hobby, a new subject that peaks your interest, your new favorite book, band, recipe, etc. Now, imagine that when you search for this particular thing, you are flooded with articles that are against whatever it is you were trying to search. Maybe you wanted to find some friends to go hiking with in your local area, and instead you find tons of hiking-hate sites where people complain about how stupid hiking is and make fun of people who like to do it. You have to endure pages and pages of search results like this before you can find anyone who actually likes hiking like you do.

This is what it's like for me when I try to connect on the internet. Sure, I can find a recipe or a music video as easily as the next person, but whenever I search for help on the internet, whenever I type in a problem or something that's bothering me, I'm flooded with pages and pages of people against me. Even when I search terms like, "Don't tell me to suck it up," or "No I won't get over it," I still get tons of results telling me to suck it up and get over it. When I was homesick in college and went searching for a Facebook group about it, I had to sort through tons of groups titled, "I'm not homesick - I get school-sick when I'm home," before finding a small handful of people who were actually homesick. When I searched the internet for homesickness, most of the support groups told people to stick it out. There was no support out there for just going home. When I wanted to find a picture that said something along the simple lines of "Yay I graduated!" I was flooded with these someecards that said "Congratulations on getting through the easiest part of life." The internet has always given me results that make me feel a million times worse.

So what I want to do about this - and this is a very, very serious goal of mine - is that I want to get myself and my blog posts to the top of these search lists. I want people who search for validation to find me. I want people who are being pressured to do things they don't want to do to find me.  I don't know exactly how to do this. I may need to use more tags. I may need to examine the wording of my posts more closely to make sure I'm targeting the people who will search for these topics. I may cheat and give myself tons of hits to move my blog closer to the top of internet searches, which I don't consider a problem and I think the end result will help people like me. I've just gotta do something to get my stuff out there because this is ridiculous. I can't let other people like me keep stumbling upon stuff that makes them feel worse. I need to get myself to the top of these lists, I need to stand between people and all the invalidating messages they receive. I may not be able to erase that bad stuff from the internet, but I can influence what people think is okay and not okay. And seeing a validating response FIRST, at the top of the search list, will let people know that they are not alone and are supported. They won't have to even look at the invalidating responses because they'll land on my blog first.

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