Thursday, May 8, 2014

Gummy Bears

If my child wanted to bite the heads off of gummy bears and stick them to the wall, and they spent days on this project, making sure all the color patterns were just right and that every single space was covered, I would think that was awesome. And I would assume that whatever qualities or skills that it took my child to complete this project - determination, persistence, attention to detail - were tied specifically to this project that my child is so passionate about. I would not assume that these are stand-alone traits, that I can go around bragging that my child has these positive qualities that they can go out and apply to bigger, more important tasks that my child has never even expressed interest in. Maybe they don't want to pay that much attention to detail when they're cleaning their room. Maybe they don't want to persevere at their homework the same way. Maybe they are only showing these traits because they happen to be extremely passionate about gummy bears. That's fine. That's wonderful if they've found something to feel that way about. They're going to have quite a colorful wall when they're done.

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