Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Slam Poem

Red Bull and Rock Star,
All you can buy
With health care and sick time
In such short supply
No maternity leave,
No time to grieve,
All that matters
Is what you achieve.
Five shots of espresso
And you’ll be just fine,
A chemical copy
Of what used to be mine
Back out on the playground,
In those fantasy lands,
When I never held more
Than what fit in two hands
I won’t let that change,
No matter what you’ve got planned
Passion’s not something
You buy in a can.
If there’s less time to play
Then we’re working too hard
When the empty light’s on
Then we’ve driven too far
I don’t need a rest
What I need is less
Less than forty hours
A week I pretend
I’m hardworking, unentitled,
One who gets the job done,
But beneath that fa├žade
I just wanna have fun
I’m fuzzy slippers disguised
As some durable cleats
The princess who wakes
From one fold in the sheets
A bubblegum ice cream
With confetti swirl
A right-lane driver in
A left-lane world.
You accepted what I’d be
When you had your way with me
You pumped candy from my brain
And filled it with facts
But when you give a pint of blood
There’s no putting it back
I double the fluids
But my blood’s running thin,
No shot of caffeine
Can replace what’s within.
My capacity is not what
I want to maximize,
So just let my cells divide,
And if your lab results
Show no vital signs,
It’s your scale that’s broken,
What I’ve got is just fine.

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