Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Poem "Back Home"

"Back Home" 

Back home, dandelions were wildflowers.
I bathed in a puddle of pollen seeds.
A girl ate spider egg sacks on toast.
A boy used gutter mold as hair gel.
Beside my friends, I let centipedes
crawl down my throat.
We stood at the door,
drenched in mud and oak sap.
Ants built a colony inside our hair.
But the locks never changed. 
Someone was never scared of touching.
Someone was always there.

I took the highway north, said I’d be back,
but the path home isn’t here.
Now gutter mold is cyanide
And spider eggs are children

I lay beside the road, gasping for air
like a fetus ripped too soon.
twitching in a field of pesticides,
where a weed could never grow.

Back home, dandelions were wildflowers.
No one taught me that roads could disappear.

(Spring 2010)

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