Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Before We Met

I've always worried about our compatibility. I mean, I'm an instant gratification person and he's a work ethic person. A productive day for me is a fun day because my only goals are fun things I want to do. A productive day for him is getting chores or work done, which is a wasted day to me. I thought most of our incompatibility had more to do with how we present ourselves than with the way we actually are. But the truth is this...

Before we met, I didn't feel pressured to like camping. I didn't have people in my life who couldn't accept that about me.

Before we met, I didn't feel pressured to like being at some remote nature location with no cell phone service or internet access or big fun commercial stuff to do.

Before we met, I didn't feel pressured to want to sleep in close quarters with people and bond over or togetherness rather than getting separate hotel rooms.

Before we met, I packed lots of stuff into a small bag because of airplane regulations, not to fool people into thinking I'm the kind of low maintenance person who doesn't pack much for a weekend away from home.

Before we met, I could be as picky as I wanted to be without being criticised (in my inner circle, which your inner circle is now a part of).

Before we met, if I was too cold, then IT was too cold, even if no one else thought so. Before we met, I didn't owe anyone an explanation of why their space wasn't warm enough for me.

Before we met, I didn't feel pressured to be neat or do chores.

Before we met, I was free to be a princess because "princess" was a good word, not a bad one.

Before we met, I was just free to be my superstar diva partygirl self who's only looking for fun and instant pleasure. I didn't feel pressured to be a good hardworking productive citizen.

But above all else, before we met, I never would have put up with this. I would dropped the people who criticised my priorities and lifestyle and run back to my own world where I could just be a princess.

I want to go back where I came from. But I want to take you with me.

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