Sunday, February 9, 2014

Post Secrets

I think every institution should have a postsecret event, because you can learn a lot about a culture from its secrets. Take Colby for instance: when we did a postsecret event at Colby (meaning that members of the Colby community made postsecret postcards to hang in the student union, rather than mailing them to Frank Warren), there was one secret that just said, "I'm a republican." Now, you might see something like that on the real postsecret website with some background information, like, "I'm a republican, but I pretend to be a democrat because all my friends are," or something like that. You really can't submit a secret like, "I'm a republican," to postsecret without background as to why it's a secret, because for plenty of people, that's not a secret at all. The fact that, "I'm a republican," works as a stand-alone secret at Colby College tells a lot about the culture. When Colby did "two truths and a lie," as a secret-sharing event, I saw a person who wrote "My family uses coupons," as one of their truths. I thought everyone used coupons. Okay, maybe not everyone, but the fact that that's even a thing to say tells more about the Colby culture than you could ever find in a pamphlet or on the website. And that's why I think it would benefit people if every school and every workplace had a postsecret event just for their own community that outsiders could see. You can read all the information you want about a company and ask every question you can think of, but I feel like there's something you get from a community's secrets that you just can't learn any other way.

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