Sunday, February 9, 2014

Party Decorations

My birthday party theme this year is "Feeling Special" and we're going to celebrate feeling good about ourselves as an end goal and purely for the sake of it, not as the means to an end and not dependent upon any accomplishments. I found these awesome self-esteem-boosting posters and note cards I can use as decorations. They used to be decorations in my bedroom and for the longest time I've been keeping them with my party supplies, but I had never used them as party decorations because I assumed everyone was too old for them. But now that I'm turning 26, I can use them because I have friends who will appreciate them.  I need to sort through the cards, though, because my idea of "positive" now is slightly different than it was when I got these self-esteem cards back in high school. I want to focus on the ones that are about entitlement: "It's okay to cry," and "I don't have to agree with everyone," and steer away from the ones that put too much responsibility on the individual, like, "My life is a result of choices I make," because it's not like someone can choose to have their loved ones die or be born into an abusive family. There are lots in the middle that I'm debating about. I want to make sure this party is all about pure entitlement without the contamination of personal responsibility.

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