Sunday, November 17, 2013

Over Before It's Started

I might be dissolving my sex blog since I've gotten NO hits at all since that initial email I sent out, and I can't link it to my identity meaning that I can't link to it on Facebook. It's no fun having no readers, so I'm done.

This reminds me of a time at Colby where I told an ex-friend that I wasn't sure I wanted to keep doing dance because no one was coming to my dance shows, and she told me about some social justice on campus event she attended where they told everyone that the right thing to do is to keep having events even if no one comes. She always seemed to think that I was on campus to promote social change or something just because I was unhappy with the way things were, even though I told her countless times that I wanted more FUN events and no pressure to go to all talking about issues events that she was always pressuring me to go to. I told her that I wasn't doing dance to promote social change, I just wanted it to be fun, and what's fun is getting to perform in front of other people and talk about the dance afterwards. I was never interested in doing dance at all if there wasn't some big performance to work towards at the end. But she just kept telling me that it was the right thing to do no matter how many times I told her that I came to college to have fun and I was only doing dance to get personal pleasure.

So yeah, I thought I wanted to do something important for the world by writing my sex blog, but I really just wanted it to be fun, and if I have no readers and no one to talk to about it, then it's not fun anymore. I'm done now. I'm not continuing anything that doesn't give me instant pleasure, and I have every right to live my life that way. Don't think about telling me otherwise unless you're gonna help me get more traffic on that site.

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