Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why my Grades Are Private

I have always felt that my grades were private, whether they were good or bad, but I never really knew why. Obviously I wouldn't go around announcing that I had failed a test, but what about good grades? Why was I so secretive about them? I always claimed that I didn't want to brag if my grades were good, but I knew that wasn't it. I talk freely about other accomplishments. There was just something about sharing my grades that I never liked.

I don't tell anyone my grades for the same reason that I wouldn't tell anyone my weight: even if I'm fine with them, I just don't want to be judged for them.

1. When I write a story or act in a play, these activities are reflections of who I am because I chose to do them. I never chose to go to school and get graded, so I don't want to be judged that way.

2. Grades are judgmental by nature. If someone compliments me on performing well in the play, I know that the person would not think less of me if I hadn't been in the play since our society acknowledges that being in a play is optional. Since our society treats grades as an expectation, I know that some people would think less of me for my grades, and I'm not okay with that at all.   I only want friends who don't care what my grades are.

3. No matter how serious I am about writing or acting, most people view those as just-for-fun activities. People say "good job" just because I wrote a story or performed in a play, and I'm the one who's thinking about how I want to improve. But when it comes to grades, people can be more imposing about their views because getting good grades is what we're "expected" to do.  There are many times that I'm satisfied with my grades, but I want to keep them private because I know that my friends wouldn't consider my grades good. What I've observed: if someone is really satisfied with, say, their performance in the talent show, most people will just be happy because they're happy. But if someone is happy about getting all B's, people won't hesitate to tell them that that's nothing to be excited about. I don't share my grades because I don't want someone else's standards imposed on me.

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