Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Not on the Sidelines

Imagine a party with lots of people. Some are dancing, some are playing games, some are talking, and some are just hanging out and enjoying the party atmosphere . If you were going to guess who the introverts in the group are, who would you pick?

I am an introvert. I love acting, singing, dancing, swimming, snowtubing, jumping on the trampoline, playing games, and lots of other things. What I don't enjoy is being out just for the sake of being out. I don't go to parties or events where the main activity doesn't interest me because just being at the party is not fun on its own. I will do things just to spend time with friends, but spending time with specific people is not the same as just wanting to be social. If I were at the party in the scenario above, I would most certainly be dancing or playing games or having a conversation with a friend, because if I weren't interested in any of those things, I would not be attending the party in the first place.

Lots of people think of introverts as being on the sidelines, but for me, being introverted means that I never like being on the sidelines. I like to be really involved in what I'm doing, whether it's alone or with other people. If I'm going to be on the sidelines of an event, I'd rather stay home and do something else. But if I love the event, then I'm going to play.

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