Monday, February 11, 2013

Writing about the Past

Image that you're trying to write a 100-page book.  Once you've reached 25 pages, people start to criticize you for spending so much time on one thing. When you reach 50 pages, no one can understand why you're still working on it. You plan to finish the book, but everyone keep saying that you should drop it and write something else. How would that make you feel?

I often get criticized for writing so much about college when I graduated two and a half years ago.  What you don't understand is that I have a lot to say, but for those four years, I didn't say it. I expressed a lot of emotions, but I didn't write very much about what was actually going on. You may think I did, but you don't know all the things I didn't say. This blog explains more than I ever said at the time.

That's why I started this blog in the first place - to spill my guts about everything I held inside for four years. I'm sure that someday, college will no longer be the main inspiration behind this blog, but I don't know when that will be. All I know is that I have 4 years worth of stuff to say, and it has only been 2 years. Telling me that my writing shouldn't be so focused on college issues anymore is like telling me I should stop writing my book after 50 pages because that's enough time spent on one thing. If I had listened to that kind of "advice," I never would have completed my first novel.

I'm not done.

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