Friday, February 8, 2013

Getting Used to Something Does Not Make It Okay

Getting used to something does not make it okay. There is a huge difference between something being a problem only until you get used to it, and something being a problem period. For example: If the drive to your new job is confusing, getting used to the drive will make it not confusing anymore. But if the drive to your new job is too long, getting used to the drive won't make it shorter.The more long drives I have, the less tolerant I am of long car rides. Many people I know feel the same way.

When my friend moved into her new apartment, the landlord told her that it could get loud on the weekends. My friend replied, "I've lived in a dorm." But what she really meant was, "I've lived in a dorm, and I know from that experience that I'll be okay with the noise." Just having lived in a noisy environment before doesn't mean that it's okay, because I also lived in a dorm and I know from that experience that I would not be okay with the noise. I'm much more sensitive to subtle signs of problems that I have already experienced. All the unacceptable things that I "stuck out" in college are much bigger problems for me now than they were before. Certain kinds of problems can be resolved by getting accustomed to an activity, but other problems can't.  And having a longer unacceptable experience can put a person more on guard for smaller instances of the same thing.

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