Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dance Performances: My Videos

I have always had a passion for singing, dancing, and acting. I became more involved with dance in college because I couldn't get into many plays or singing groups, and dance club didn't require an audition. I liked dancing, but meeting just a few times a week wasn't enough for me - I really wanted my life to revolve around performing like it did in high school. My friend suggested that I try choreographing my own dance, and that's how I really fell in love with dance. I like the dancing itself, but choreographing my own is even more fun!

My 1st dance: How Can I Not Love You
I chose this song because it has a clear story line. It's also not an extremely popular song, which I thought would make it more interesting. I used only the second half of the song so there was less space to fill.
No one signed up for my dance originally, but my friends were really sweet and volunteered to do it. There were four of us originally (two on each side), but one person got sick at the last minute.

My 2nd dance: Heat Wave
I figured the reason no one signed up for my first dance was that they weren't familiar with the song. For my second dance, I picked a song that most people would have heard. Since my last dance was more lyrical and emotional, I thought I'd try a more upbeat and fun song this time.

My 3rd dance: Reflection
After choreographing "Heat Wave," I realized that I enjoy lyrical and emotional dances more than upbeat dances. "Reflection" is one of my favorite dances because the story is really personal to me.
One of my best friends joined this dance also, since I wasn't sure if I had enough people. Again, there were four of us (two on each side), but someone got sick at the last minute.

My 4th dance: The Voice Within
This is my other favorite dance - this story has a personal meaning to me, just like "Reflection."

Also, a special thank you to my boyfriend Eric who put these videos online for me.

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