Monday, January 21, 2013

What's with the Pictures?

Example of a picture -
 caught your eye, didn't it? :-)
Statistics show that posts with pictures or videos get more hits than posts with just words. I read this a while back, but since I'm not writing about what I did over the weekend or the new recipe I tried for dinner, I didn't think I had any pictures to post.  But then I started reading, which addresses different issues and, like my blog, does not just update the reader on the blogger's life. However, this blogger finds a picture to use for every post - in one post, the blogger used a picture of a two-headed turtle because they had two ideas on their mind.  I am attempting to do the same thing to add interest to this blog. It is hard finding concrete things to take pictures of when most of my posts are abstract, but I'm going to try to use as many pictures as I can.

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