Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We All Have Our Reasons

When I was younger, I loved playing in McDonald's playplace. It was a great place to go in the winter, when it was too cold to go to playgrounds outside. I didn't really like the food at McDonald's, but it was worth taking a few bites to play in the playplace. If the playplace had ever closed down, I would not have continued eating at that McDonald's, and that would have been my personal choice. It is not for anyone else to tell me that I should eat even though the playplace is closed because eating is the real reason to go to McDonald's.

I get responses like this all the time - not about McDonald's, but about other things. When I say I'm not interested in going to school if I can't do theatre, people tell me that the point of school is the learning part. I don't care about learning. I'm not interested in any of the core subjects. Why I continued going to school every day was my own business. People can do things for any reason that they want. How would you like it if a shoe store was giving out free passes to Disney World with every purchase, you buy something to get the free pass, and then find out that they aren't giving the free passes anymore? Just because the "point" of the store is to sell shoes doesn't mean that they can change their mind about something that effects a lot of people and not say so before you make your purchase.

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