Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Personal Essays

Long before I had a blog or an online journal, I always liked writing personal essays. My private journals consist mainly of three types of entries: fictional stories and ideas, lists of memories, and personal essays. I kept ongoing lists of things like fun summer events and meaningful moments with my friends, so that I could remember lots of important things without having to write about all of them in detail. When I did want to write about something in detail, I wrote it like a personal essay. For instance: say I had a crush on a person and had been recording a list of moments we'd shared together and signs that the person might like me back. And then one day, that person asked me on a date or did something that made it obvious that they liked me. Instead of just going home and writing what happened in my journal, I felt like I had to start at the beginning: I would write a long essay beginning with all the early signs that the person liked me, leading up to that moment when I knew it was for real, even though I already had those other moments recorded. In my middle school journals, I would never make references that only I understood: Instead of saying, "This is just like that time last summer," I would always explain exactly what happened last summer, as if I was writing for someone else who wouldn't know what "last summer" referred to. Even when the topic was too personal to be of interest to other people, I just liked to write everything this way. And when I reread the essays in my journals, I can tell that what I'm writing now is very similar. I had always secretly wished that I could share my writing with people. And now I can :-)

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