Monday, October 15, 2012


When it comes to problems, it's not the objective situation that matters - it's how the person who's in the situation feels.  Any problem is legitimate if it's hurting someone. The next time someone tries to tell you that a problem isn't real or that you're imaging things, here's a good analogy:

Do you sneeze when you get close to a kitten or a dandelion field? Do you avoid foods that don't agree with you?  When you have an allergic reaction, your immune system treats an innocuous substance as though it is harmful.  The symptoms you experience are your body's way of trying to fight off the substance, the same way your immune system would fight off a cold.  There is nothing harmful in these substances, but that doesn't make the symptoms any better for people who are allergic.

Different things bother different people. The next time you're about to tell someone that what they're going through isn't a real problem, that they should be okay with it because other people can handle it, try repeating the same thing to someone who would die from eating a peanut butter sandwich.

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