Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fat Does Not Mean Lazy

You're probably familiar with the stereotype that fat people are lazy.  You might even believe so yourself.  Here is an explanation of why this assumption is not true:

First of all, most people assume that someone who is fat is not eating right or exercising, which is not necessarily true. But more importantly - even if we know for a fact that someone is not currently eating well or exercising enough, that doesn't mean that they are lazy. Why? Because the opposite of "lazy" is "hard-working," and last I checked, "hard-working" is not synonymous with "being thin," or even "keeping your body at a healthy weight." While it does take hard work to lose weight, the term "hard-working" is much more all-inclusive. The stereotype that fat people are lazy probably goes back to the days when humans were hunters, gatherers, and farmers - the days when all work involved physical labor. But nowadays, most jobs don't involve being physically active. Nowadays, there are a million ways that you can be hard-working and successful while being sedentary. You could be a good student, a great parent, or excel in a job that doesn't involve physical labor. You could write a book, paint a masterpiece, design websites, create video games, design a clothing line, write a comic strip, start a band, record an album, invent a product, run a business, or help people in need - all without being physically active.

Finally, since most jobs don't involve physical activity, people have to exercise in their spare time. Eating healthier food involves preparing more food from scratch, which is also time-consuming.  Someone who doesn't exercise or eat well might be very busy with school, work, and/or parenting responsibilities and not have the time to take care of their body.  People may also be busy with personal goals or other things that they love to do, and if their free time is limited, those things take priority over exercising or cooking.  People have different priorities. It's really disappointing to think that a fat person could achieve all of their life goals while a thin person does nothing, but we as a society would call the fat person lazy simply because losing weight was not on their to-do list.

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