Friday, August 24, 2012

Different Priorities

When I was in middle school, almost everyone played basketball. Each year, I was one of only two or three girls not on the girls' basketball team.  My classmates often pushed me to join the team, noting that I did play basketball at recess.  But while I didn't hate basketball, the idea of practicing once a week after school and having Saturday games didn't interest me. I had assumed that my classmates loved basketball and I didn't, which is why I was surprised that most of my former classmates didn't try out for the team in high school.  Kids who had lead roles in middle school didn't audition for high school plays. I was one of the few students who continued what I did in middle school (which was theatre).

A high school friend once invited me to her demo party (a salesperson shows you a bunch of products to buy).  When another friend asked me if I was going and I said that I wasn't interested in that type of party, her response was, "It's better than sitting at home doing nothing." At first I was offended by this comment - why did she assume that I have nothing to do besides go to this party?  I got this type of reaction a lot when I didn't go to various events.  But then I thought back to my middle school basketball team, and it all made sense.

The reason that I continued doing theatre in high school while most of my classmates didn't try to continue basketball was that we all signed up for our activities for different reasons.  I loved to come home after school and play with my toys or play outside by myself.  I loved going to playgrounds or doing things with my parents on the weekends.  I would only give up that time for something that I loved even more, and for me, that thing was theatre. Basketball was okay to play at recess, but I didn't like it more than what I would be doing with my time if I didn't have basketball practice. But not everyone has the kind of home life where they love going straight home after school.  Not everyone has fun by themself.  Basketball was one of the few activities offered at our school, and for most of my classmates, playing basketball after school with their friends was more fun than whatever they would be doing otherwise.  Doing what we like, or what we like better, is different for each of us.

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