Monday, December 5, 2011

Holistic Experiences

In my last post on vegetables, I mentioned that I experience things holistically, and I'd like to elaborate. A holistic experience means taking everything into one experience rather than separating the individual parts. Like, if you were having a really fun time at a party and certain music was playing, you might always think of the music in a positive way, even if it wouldn't normally be your favorite kind of music.

I always remember these fruit drinks that tasted kind of like fruit smoothies. Most of them had some type of benefit - they were packed with certain vitamins or are designed to boost your concentration or immune system.  My first introduction to these fruit drinks was during my preparation for the SATs in high school.  My mom found the drinks in the store and bought them for me to improve my concentration and keep my immune system intact during all the stress. I though of these drinks as medicine. Even when I bought them years later, I just couldn't drink them like juice - I couldn't get past the feeling that these drinks were like medicine and not something that a person drinks for the taste.

This is probably the most extreme example, but generally speaking, what I like depends not only on taste, but on my perception of the food, whether I've always thought of it as something that tasted good vs. being told I should eat it because it was good for me.

I would be curious to know how this affects other people's likes and dislikes.


  1. With the idea of tying food to a certain event or memory. I have more of a tying of foods to holidays or family events. Foods are made because of the holiday approaching, family coming over or evan heading out to visit family. While it may be a common association with food to holidays its the one that stands out the most in my mind.
    I still have some of the residual "kids don't like Veggies" in my mind but after going though many different experiences particularly in college and growing my willingness to try new foods a whole world has opened up. Maybe even baked bean!

  2. That's neat - do you have any foods that like better because of the holiday association, that you wouldn't have liked as much if they weren't associated with the holiday?
    You just gave me an idea of something to add to this post...