Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Travel Complaints

I've heard lots of stories about people who've gone a trip with someone who complained the whole time and ruined the trip for everyone else.  Then the question that always arises is, "Why did they bother coming?"  Well, I have a few answers:

Possibility #1: When you invite someone on a trip, they may have no prior experience to know whether they would like it or not.  They are probably basing their decision to come on how much fun you tell them it's going to be, the way other people talk about trips like yours, and the way that trips like yours are portrayed in the media.  A person really should consider themself and how they personally will react to the trip, but that's something that takes practice and a lot of tuning out what other people say.  Before you criticize someone for complaining, ask yourself how analytical you would be if someone invited you to something.  Would you think through every detail carefully, taking into account what you really know about the people, the place, and yourself, or would you just jump in the car and get excited for a fun-filled weekend because that's what everyone tells you its going to be?

Possibility #2: Sometimes, a person knows that they won't enjoy the trip and shouldn't go.  But when you tell me about a person like this, I have to wonder if it was really okay for them not to go.  If the person said that they didn't want to come because they didn't think they'd like it, would you really have said, "That's okay," or would you have tried to convince them that it would be fun?  Would you be happy that they weren't going to ruin the fun for everyone else, or would you be sitting here telling me that you can't believe they didn't go with you?  Perhaps they bothered coming because they were never really welcome to stay home.

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