Thursday, June 17, 2010

Self Awareness Is a Sign of Intelligence

Intrapersonal intelligence, or self-awareness (not to be confused with interpersonal intelligence, which has to do with social skills) is one of Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences.  Senior year of high school, we took the Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence test in one of our classes, and my highest score was for intrapersonal intelligence. I was really psyched to find that this was even considered a form of intelligence, but I was soon disappointed to find that there were no related career choices. The descriptions of the other intelligences included potential careers that the person might like, but mine only defined intrapersonal as self-aware and said it was a good quality to have.

I recently took the test again on my own to see if it would be the same four years later. My scores have changed a lot since high school, but intrapersonal is still number one. What I didn't expect to find is that the test results have been updated; now there are some careers recommended for people with high self-awareness, and they include being a writer and a psychologist! Wow.

I'm so glad that we're beginning to value things beyond linguistic and mathematical intelligence. And extroversion. I really hope we keep moving forward, promoting different qualities and finding even more qualities to value.

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